Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Prong Smash! Power Of The Damager Stomps Z

I've been a Prong fan since college...and sad to say that is now 20 years. So, it was with great excitement I read an excellent interview by Chuck Ferreira of GASP ETC... with Tommy Victor-the center fork in the Prong. After working on the last few Ministry albums he has returned to Prong and unleashed an album that is nothing short of superb. Prong has been co-opted and absorbed into so much of modern metal, but in many ways it was like the influenced bands had drunk deep from the well and urinated out a processed version of the real deal. Prong has never been a hit machine, but for their fans they are always reliable.
Power Of The Damager isn't just reliable, it is a high water mark. And since my now 3 year old son is a fan (he can sing Broken Peace start to finish)-he has a new album to love. I figure if Prong continues putting out great albums over this period of time, that the little guy should be able to join up in about 10 years and work on another classic. Here are a few videos so you too can experience the Power Of The Damager.

While I love all the tracks, I can pass on the recommendation of a 3 year old with THE BANISHMENT! This song has a really amazing flow, sliding through tempo changes and riffs with an ease that is just...well...PRONG!

And for my money, I've listened to the title track many times already. If my son and I could argue it out, I think this is an even better track than The Banishment. The video sure does show the Ministry touch.

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