Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My Thanks... YOR Thanks!! Visions Of Yor

Thanksgiving! Always a favorite holiday, and so much to be thankful for. Kids? Check...amazing every minute of every day! Family? Wonderful-all ready for the Turkey Dinner. Blogging? Hey, I even had a real life person come and visit me at SuperMegaFest. Fantastic.
And friends? Oh yes... I'm thrilled to see everyone doing so well.
And of course...I have to give thanks for YOR-HUNTER FROM THE FUTURE. I have my copy ready for Turkey Day viewing. Can. Not. Wait.
But it doesn't stop there. I'm a lucky fella-I have several incredibly talented friends and not only do they tolerate my...well, eccentric nature-but they even inspire me with these visions of YOR.
Check 'em out and have a great Thanksgiving.

First we have Neil Vokes doing an amazing action pose in classic Reb Brown mode. I love this... it looks like a fantastic large panel that leads into an incredible two page splash of Yor beating down dinosaurs AND John Steiner's RoboFlunkies.

Oh man... I'm a big fan of Ade's work. This is a quick sketch that just POPS off the page with his distinct style. Tons of depth and Yor looks like he will stomp and stab you silly. If you are from the darkest past...BEWARE! If you think you are coming from the future to dominate Yor and his friends...RUN! This guy will kick your ass! Adrian Salmon presents...YOR-THE DOMINATOR!

And of course...the infamous YOR joke ad. I fell for it of course, because I just love YOR. Click it for the big version and don't you just NEED to see Neil take on a real Yorian tale? I sure would!

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