Thursday, August 30, 2007

Catching Up With The CyberWorld

Being away, while fun, certainly cuts in to one's internet reading time. Sure I finished a ton of books at the beach-but I'm currently catching up. Here are some great reads of late.

BEYOND The Groovy Age Of Horror! After hanging with Curt at Horrorfind I return to my PC to find he has moved past his original mission and into the stratosphere of odd, obscure and essential reading. Check out his Horrorfind Report as well as entries on Weird Heroes, Nick Carter (and check out my comics post here), a few Shadow reviews, and coverage of some Groovy new fanzines as well!

The Horror Blog continues the roundtable discussions...I'll be back on this shortly. VERY interesting in the last few weeks for sure!

I was blown away from my PC monitor by The Spaghetti Sci-Fi Shrine. FINALLY! Someone pays tribute to Al Brescia's space "epics" and YOR too! Amazing!! On top of that there is a STARCRASH fansite that is nirvana for all eight of us fans.

The Steve Ditko Weblog isn't updated frequently, but there is a ton of quality posts for fans of this fantastic artist. Check it out! The CHARLTON links are my favorite.

I'm In A Jess Franco State Of Mind continues to bring on some very solid (and balanced...GASP) reviews. Always a favorite of mine. Now I need to see Vanessa, but for all the reasons he states instead of interest in the original film! That is the kind of reviewers the net needs.

Friend Of The Tomb Paul Cooke scored an amazing interview with Paul John Stanners. You may not know the name, but his story is fantastic... believe me. You'll love this if you dig Godfrey Ho flicks, or just ever wondered who those guys in the wacked out HK action films are.
Oh, and they interviewed Dario Argento as well, but I'm more down with PJ.

Finally, a few things of my own. If you want some cool swag from Ascension Of The Blind Dead or the upcoming CLAWS OF FRANKENSTEIN ISLAND, well you can peruse these fine things here:

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