Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Thriller-A Cruel Picture / They Call Her One Eye Archive Post 2

This is the original press booklet created to sell the film at Cannes. Some great images, but the detail I like the most about this is on the credits page. A lot has been made of the porn shots being in the film over the years, because they are indeed inserts. However, the film was shot with them in mind, in order to create a version that could be sold in different markets.

"All sex and violence parts in Cannes Screening version are hard. We have supplementary material for all sex and violence parts so that we can offer a version perfect for every market."

By this logic, the complete version of Thriller contains those shots. Anything else is a variant. The offering of supplementary material is interesting however... I'm not sure if it means there were bits that were left out and offered to distributors for their use, or just that the film was long and left room to be cut on purpose. While in Sweden I looked through a booklet of stills for Vibenius' other masterwork, Breaking Point, and he had stills of scenes not in any version of the film I've seen over the years. I didn't find anything like this for Thriller however.

This booklet sure would have sold me on the film...and it worked for AIP as well.

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