Saturday, May 26, 2007

Jess Franco's Girls In The Night Traffic

It was a case of good timing that had me settling in for the thoroughly groovy Jess Franco film GIRLS IN THE NIGHT TRAFFIC on disc from ABCDvd-not realizing a question that would be answered was right in front of me. Over at the Joe Horror forums, the question of the best Franco hardcore films came up, and this two disc set provides a good answer. Containing not only the full directors cut of the film in fair quality, but a sizzling hot "softcore" print with English subtitles. After viewing the two, I can handily (har har) recommend both versions. The soft print is not very soft at all, with lots of naughty bits to enjoy. The subtitles are essential for non-German speaking folks, because this is one funny movie with a big slathering of sexy women. The always welcome Kali Hansa is only one of the girls-add in the enthusiastic company of Ester Moser and Pilar Coll for maximum daisy chained fun and you have a gumbo of gooey delight. PLUS, this film features the great Eric Falk as MUSTAFA the PsuedoTurkish PIMP! Oh man, that is just tooooo fun. He plays it to the hilt, and buries some other stuff to the hilt as well.
Girls is an excellent sex farce, as the girls satisfy each other and tell tales of their strange clients, until Mustafa appears and the girls get very unladylike and dish out a little streetwalker justice. Look for a chanting Turk banging backside while spewing out classics like Tutti Frutti Muhammed Bang Bang in machine gun like chatter. Wilde Lust, the hardcore edition doesn't add much to the story or settings, but does go way way way past the soft line into full blown and blowing hardcore. Which is cool with me. Interestingly, the final shot is preserved in both editions-one of the most headscratchingly funny abrupt finales I've seen in Franco's filmography.
You like girls. You like the night traffic? You like Eric "No Shame, All Gain" Falk? Get this one at Xploited today. Enjoy some screen caps. The final capture is from the Wilde Lust version for comparison sake.

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