Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Eurotrash Film Pinncle Project - Castle Buzzerstein Strikes!

From our good buddy and Spanish horror enthusiast, Buzz! The ETFPP rolls on after a hiatus. Anyone with entries is welcome to pass them along as well. This is a nifty list with a heavy helping of Spaniard spookiness and even has one I have yet to see. I'll have to fix that!

1) The House That Screamed- one of the greatest euro gothics ever and the film (along with FBT) that kicked off the spanish horror boom..Serrador even manages to beat the Italian directors at their own game with the film containing two of the best gialloesque kill scenes ever put on celluloid!

2) Who Could Kill A Child?- hands down best damn spanish horror of the seventies..Prunella's last scene with blood dripping down her legs is unforgettable...and powerful! Very creepy & atmospheric..

3) Spirits Of The Dead- if you haven't seen Toby Dammit trust me folks you are *missing out*...a masterpiece! I've blown many of friends away with this one!

4) Perfume Of The Lady In Black- Deep thinking man's giallo with an outstanding Mimsy performance & a kicker of an ending! Polanski meets Bava....meets Aldo Lado!

5) Blood Spattered Bride- Inventive spin on Fanu's Carmilla with multiple viewings revealing new surprises each time. Easily one of the best european vampire films & required viewing for any spanish horror 101 class..

6) Short Night Of The Glass Dolls- another thinking man's giallo similar in style to Perfume Of The Lady In Black..If you're looking for a little something extra in your giallo, more than the standard/traditional formula, look no further than these two..

7) Planet Of The Vampires- Highly influential fun sci-fi spin on the vamp theme awashed with wonderful psychedelic day-glo colors. The movie is a nonstop procession of stunning visuals with many accomplished through a clever deep-focus mixture of miniatures & live action.. The costumes are brilliant, a leather-fetishist's idea of scuba gear with Draculaesque styled high collars that's the ultimate kicker! : )

8) Suspiria- a kaleidoscopic LSD drenched nightmare that I never get tired of watching.. This has always been my number one Argento and one of my favorite drive-in memories was catching this on the big screen..A psychedelic fairytale for adults!

9) What Have You Done To Solange?- The opening scene with the girls riding their bicycles while the image is saturated in red, accompanied by Morricone's beautiful enchanting score, for me, is the most haunting & memorable in all of euro-land..The film brings out certain emotions in me that I've never experienced with any other gialli and the first time I saw it it blew me away, and made me a giallo fan for life..It wasn't Dario who made me a giallo fan, it was Massimo..

10)Tombs Of The Blind Dead- No way I could leave off the Ossman and his amazing creation, the Templar Knights! This is up there with Serrador's two classics as the very best of the spanish horror boom and while all four films are essential viewing for any eurohorrorhead, I still feel like the first one is the strongest in the series.. Not to mention TOMBS has a strange vamp undercurrent running throughout not present in the other 3 sequels.. Always a *plus* with
me.. ; )

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