Monday, April 09, 2007

A Load Of Links!

It has been a while since I passed on some groovy links n' things... so here are a few.
First off, Mike from is auctioning off some primo items. Signed posters from the luminaries of eurohorror and trash films in general are available in his EBAY auctions here. The multiple signed 2019 item almost knocked me out of my seat! Check them out and bid with confidence.

Over at The Groovy Age Of Horror, Curt had a nazi-thon that included some great Nanofiction and reviews. While contemplating the oddities of the use of the nazis in comics I stumbled over this amazing .pdf version of HANSI-THE GIRL WHO LOVED THE SWASTIKA! prepared to have your brains dribble out of your ears.

Great news for Mario Bava fans from Tim Lucas. Reinforce your bookshelves now!!

One of my most desired Franco titles is coming to DVD. It isn't a great flick, but I've got a one sheet for the film and my blurry VHS dub just doesn't cut it. Check out details on an upcoming collection of Franco that will include Downtown Heat here. Be sure to check out the rest of Robert's posts as well!

Shaolin Chamber satisfies...go through that trailer archive!!! I was double pleased to see Linn Haynes old "Cave Of Kung Fu" material that first was printed on my old website still in circulation. Linn is the SIFU of my old skool kicks n' tricks...and this is a great read.

Finally...some video to peruse. The SLAUGHTER HOTEL trailer is beyond groovy...

Ah, Black Belly Of The Tarantula. I love this one...

A little Jess Franco and Klaus Kinski action!

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Anonymous said...

The Cave of Kung Fu has been a real help over the years. I have quite a stack of Ground Zero discs because of it.