Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Xceeeeedingly Xcellent Xine Blog!

If you are like me and love your trash films, you probably have heard of the many great magazines that came from Europe that covered the genre when the films were coming out. But finding them is another matter. Few and far between unless you are willing to spend big money-I had pretty much given up on finding things like Sex Stars System for my shelf. Well, here are some great scans over at ZINES!

Go, and enjoy that Jess Franco post. I love that image of Jess dragging Lina Romay up the stairs... oh man. THANKS for the great blog, whoever you are-you are my hero! The image to the left is only one of the zillions of great ones up there-I take no credit, simply hoping that you will follow the link and give this place a look.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to that page. What a great discovery! I just love that vintage sleaze!

Bob The Wordless said...

I'm amazed at the how graphic some of those zines are. Amazing site.Thanks for the link. By the way, I just got Crab's Moon off ebay. That is one awesome cover. Now I'll have to get the rest.