Thursday, February 01, 2007

German Gore at Xploited...AND...BRUNO MATTEI goes West

Oh...some mornings it doesn't pay to shop my favorite online drool bin! I'm a fan of Timo Rose (you may say "who?" but you'll know one day I bet)-and Barricade is now on sale. Check it out here at Xploited Cinema. Here is the Barricade Myspace page.
Also, trash master Andreas Bethmann returns from the slime bog with Angel Of Death 2 in a deluxe 4 disc set. This one stars Lina Romay, so I have to have it...

Don't get me started on Island Claws, Slaughter Of The Vampires, Samson and Goliath Against The Giants *mmmm...peplum* or ANY of the recent Wild East releases. Nope... THIS is big. If you like Bruno Mattei's films (and if you don't...why??) you should check out this slightly obscure but oh so fun Spaghetti Western riff called SCALPS! This is an excellent film, and be sure to combine it with White Apache if possible. I can't wait to see some reviews of this disc...because I know the film is solid-lets hope the presentation is perfect.
I dig perfection in my Mattei...or I should say I dig FOR perfection from Bruno!

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