Saturday, February 03, 2007

Eurotrash Pinnacle Project - Bob Sargent...VIDEOOZEs his list!

The tops of Today are from Bob Sargent, the big brain behind one of the best fanzines of all time, Videooze! Without this magazine, no Thriller-A Cruel Picture for me... You can chat him up anytime at Eurotrash Paradise where he moderates the water cooler discussion and shares sleazy movies about midgets, babysitters and Ursula's Sister.
Yep, the man is a giant (well, literally) amongst fans...check out anything he has listed you haven't seen yet.
Also, note the artwork in the banner is by Comix legend and monster maniac Neil Vokes. I am pretty sure this piece appeared in Videooze. Who cares, it is AWESOME...

HUNCHBACK OF THE MORGUE (burning rats, hunchback sex, and the Primordial!!)

DIABOLICAL DR. Z (Unca Jess cameo, the penetration machine, and those poisoned fingernails!!)

BLOOD AND BLACK LACE (style to spare, Cameron Mitchell's best, and that faceless killer!!)

NIGHT OF THE HOWLING BEAST (acrobatic werewolf, naked-sexy cannibal women, and that unbelievable torture-chamber flaying!!)

DEVIL'S NIGHTMARE (creepy Gothic castle, 7 Deadly Sins in-jokes, and Erika Blanc's exposed bellybutton looking like a target!!)

LADY FRANKENSTEIN (stripey-pants monster, gratuitious Joseph Cotton, and Rosalba Neri's erect nipples!!)

TENEBRAE ("filthy perverts," John Steiner acting crazy, and a picturesque death at the end!!)

KING OF KONG ISLAND (radio-mind-controlled gorillas, a mad lab in the jungle, and Brad Harris dancing like the whitest white man on the planet!!)

TORTURE CHAMBER OF DR. SADISM (evil Chris Lee with a perforated face, the gay highwaymen, and the Forest of Hanging Corpses!!)

FLESH FOR FRANKENSTEIN ("fack deth in ze gall bladdah," gratuitous Udo Keir, and a nude Dalila Di Lazarro!!)

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