Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Krimi Corner Newsletter! A Fanzine You Need!

With the rise of blogs (and blogspots like this), the web has become even more loaded with content. Sure, I used to have my own website, but this technology has made things so simple and easy that anyone...and I am amongst those anyones, can do it. But I do love to pull through my boxes of old fanzines-many contain articles and artwork that remains unavailable on the web. While there are a few magazines out there, the zine scene for horror has been by and large replaced in the casual readers market.
I was thrilled to see Latarnia.com owner, Mirek Lipinski, doing a print zine, and this one is a steal. It is a small four pager that brings back the look and feel of the best newsletters-and it covers the wild world of the Krimi film. If you don't know what that is, then all the better-because number 1 lets you know in no uncertain terms. A breed of thriller that pre-dates the popular Italian Giallo films, this is a genre ripe for rediscovery in the age of digital preservation. Issue one covers the often adapted Edgar Wallace and also includes a comprehensive review of Retromedia's Krimi double feature dvd from a ways back.
But it gets better...
You can subscribe to this cool zine for a very small investment and a big return
For the US the price is $2.oo for a sample issue or $8 for a five issue subscription folded in a regular envelope. If you want a flat copy subscription goes up to $10. Outside of the US is folded for $10. You can paypal to Mirelski@aol.com and be off to the races for lightning fast delivery.
You won't be disapointed!

Also, if you want to try something different but cool, check out Mirek's translations of Stefan Grabinski. You can get The Motion Demon at Shocklines HERE!

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