Friday, January 12, 2007

Eurotrash Pinnacle Project-The Groovy One!

Here comes the lists...these are the top 10 Eurotrash Films from a wide variety of viewers-and when I think of a man with wide interests, Curt Purcell comes to mind. Check out his GROOVY AGE OF HORRORS blog if you don't believe me... Also, you can read three chapters of his novel-which celebrates the groovy edge of fairy tales-by going here!

Some great choices with a focus on horror here. The Groovy guys vibe is strong on the Naschy-and I agree with his assessment of Night Of The Werewolf. Julia Saly is easy on the eyes in that film for sure (how do you like that for deep critique???)-and it was one of the first Naschy films I found, hidden under the title of The Craving on US Video.

VAMPYRES--the sheer enthusiasm of the girls in combining sex, violence, and blood drinking

NIGHT OF THE WEREWOLF--the best Daninsky, to my mind; Naschy's own
directorial remake that improves on an already awesome eurotrasher,

WOLFMAN NEVER SLEEPS--my first Naschy, and still a sentimental fave

DEVIL'S NIGHTMARE--Erika Blanc, her costumes, her character, and the
way she switches between succubus and demon

BIRD WITH THE CRYSTAL PLUMAGE--my personal favorite Argento

OPERA--I saw this back to back with BIRD, and the amazing violence of
this one really made an impression

EROTIC RITES OF FRANKENSTEIN--Franco's mind-boggling sexy monster rally

FEMALE VAMPIRE--speaking of Franco, this one's just awesome . . . ah, Lina!

ONE ON TOP OF THE OTHER--Fulci's super-groovy proto-giallo, a personal

KILL BABY KILL--gotta have a Bava, and this one looks so fantastic;
the most beautiful gothic I've ever seen.

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