Monday, September 04, 2006

One Page Pulp Party Week!

One of the things I love the most about hunting through old comics is the little tales that defined "economy of narrative" as I like to say. These are usually 1-3 page long tales of terror or action, usually accompanied by some great artwork and a zippy sensibility that can't be beat. I'll be pulling several of these and posting for your pleasure, along with some other nifty items this week. In the next month or so I'm going to attempt a week of one pagers myself... hopefully I'll have some fun tales to share.

Click the thumbnails for some glorious scans of sizable superbness!

Here from The Phantom Magazine Volume 1 #7 (November 1940) is a little western tale and some excellent artwork as well! More tomorrow....because as the spinner says... HEY KIDS! COMICS! is always the best way to start the day.

And if that wasn't enough, wouldn't you want this in your collection??

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