Thursday, June 15, 2006

Posters of Petrification... Episode 5-Blaxploitation!

Hey there Funk Soul Tombsters... Well, the plan was to do some more HEAP reviewing, but that had to wait since I found the Spawn books impossible to read, I'll keep cracking at it though. They ain't good, but sort of interesting in a car wreck kind of way. More full Heap stories coming at ya as well.
But as a break, and partially inspired by Curt posting a review of a Black Samurai novel here at Groovy Age of Horror.
I have a very soft spot for the Blaxploitation genre in film and especially in print (check out my Iceman posts in the archives), but even if you don't enjoy the films, most of the posters are works of true exploitation artwork. Good, great, bad or indifferent... they just scream you into the theatre to find out.
Enjoy these headcrackin', asskickin' muthas...


Anonymous said...

Wow--that Jim Kelley movie poster really sticks close to the original paperback cover. I really wish there were more blaxploitation horror.

David A. Zuzelo said...

Amazing ain't it? Kung Fu Midget THAT is alluring.