Friday, June 09, 2006

THE HEAP! Air Fighters Famous Monster of Moss!

Another Air Fighters classic for your enjoyment. This story is one of my all time favorites as we learn the origin of THE HEAP! I have no idea for sure (though it is often listed as being the work of Paul Belfi) who created this story...but it is a wonderful example of a ten page story. Simple and to the point, we get a compelling monster, some incredible classic monster shots (witness page 3...every panel of it), and Sky Wolf is even sandwiched in for the sake of the Air Fighting fans. This is The Heaps third appearance, but it is a very detailed origin story.
More HEAP to follow, because he isn't exactly dead...because Moss Never Sleeps as they (ok, I) say. Todd McFarlane used the character in Spawn (and boy does he look screwed up)-it seems Heapy was part of the absorption of Eclipse into the McFarlane empire. Perhaps one day he will return here is "The Heap Returns" from Air Fighters Comics-Fall 1945. Enjoy and I'll go find myself some HEAPing Spawn comics...wish me luck.

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Anonymous said...

The artwork on this is very good. The splash page reminds me of Kirby's style. Anyone know who drew this story?