Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Yor a Fool Mr. Z...the final Yor post (for now)

Ah...Yor week was a joy, thanks for coming along and I hope m(Y)ore awareness of this great film has been spread.
What follows is an April Fool's Day joke that only I seemed to be sucked into (I was ready to try and help get Edoardo Margheriti to do an introduction since he has fond memories of the film, I wanted to lobby to be damn sure that DAMN TALKING BOX was included..etc). Artwork by good old Neil Vokes in co-operation with his writing pal Miles Gunter. I love the art, I gots to have that on my wall!
Enjoy...the Yor comics that will never be. Click the pic and soak in the magnificence of a good April Fools Voke(s).

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