Friday, September 11, 2015


Streaming Sleaze Fans rejoice... EXPLOITATION.TV has launched.  With more amazing films at your fingertips than you can shake John C. Holmes massive dong at, I'm glad to re-review a few old favorites.  Time for some Gorilla action and A VOYAGE TO THE WORLD OF FORBIDDEN LOVE!

"The use of the vibrator has been spoken of by many women's liberationists as 'the great relaxer' sometimes being used two or three times a week for solitary pleasure."
  -Happy soothing narrator as Tina Russell works a suction cup vibrator over herself as the soundtrack sounds like a lawn being mowed in THE SEXUALIST

Jeffrey Montclaire, a goofy filmmaker with grand intentions attempts to mix race, astrology and a gay gorilla...and a Paradise scene as well.  With a heavy emphasis on lengthy sex scenes being broken up as narration takes us on a path of astrology and mumbo jumbo over masturbation scenes both male and female (Jason & Tina Russell), a lesbian coupling (Jennifer Welles and Shana O'Neal) and hardcore action (with the Russells in a different setting).  Sandwiched in the action and probing discussions there is a small amount of plot threads including some gorilla fun, a gangster that has "lost his shirt" called Mr. Godfather and a little story about Welles character taking in a girl about to find herself being introduced to the sex pictures of Jeffrey Montclaire.  And did I mention that her name was Inga and she biked in from New Jersey? 

Random SWORD Appearance!

THE SEXUALIST is an odd duck that feels like some randomly connected loop bits with entertainingly bland and monotone narration describing to the viewer the intentions of Jeffrey Montclaire, since they, like me, were busy admiring Welles and especially Tina Russell!  I mean... do you want some comedy, or do you want this? THIS!

Producer and Director Kemal Horulu (who created the film that is joined with THE SEXUALIST on DVD) does make the humor broad enough that it gets a little groovy and it helps that there is a guy in a gorilla suit.  I liked Monica and her male costar that can't get it up arguing and fighting as well. Now, your miles will vary on the Mr. Godfather stuff.  It's a big dude parodying mob producers on the sex scene.  But he does find out that Papamabuto The Gorilla isn't just ready for acting, he's ready for a piece of ass. HIS ASS!!

The happy crew get ready for business

It should be noted that the film is not completely hardcore, and that business is handled by The Russells, going between solo work and some rocking chair action.  It's a bit jarring, but just like it wants to mix gorilla suits and sex, the production certainly needed to go between a "storyline" and the close ups of wet genitals at work!  Fans of Tina Russell and Jennifer Welles will be served well, mostly because of the work of Vinegar Syndrome and making the film look so damn good!  It's in anamorphic widescreen, and you get a nifty trailer and even some outtakes running 5 minutes and worth watching out of curiosity.

While it won't have you on the edge of your seat or busting out of your pants for much of it's running time, THE SEXUALIST is interesting for it's running time and makes me think of what it must have been like to head into a theater and just have no clue what was going to happen when the projector fired up! Give it a try...

And, as always, New York City plays it's own role in the film!  Here is some fun bits of reality slipping in to frame!

This lady seems taken with the stylish appearance of Papamabuto The Gorilla as he heads into his first modeling job audition!

Oh, but here we have someone that looks disapproving of our starlet...  why she is so grumpy is a mystery, that is a pretty swank print on her old lady coat and she has a sign that says SAUSAGES over her head!!

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