Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Cathouse Fever in the Peekarama Round Up

Well, if that doesn't say 1980s porn to you, I don't know what will. The piled hair, the come hither stare and that awesome font.  Another entry into Vinegar Syndrome's PEEKARAMA series (other VS reviews are HERE) unspooled for my delight the other night, and I caught a case of CATHOUSE FEVER!  When it starts with Herschel Savage as a dreamy dream lover I just knew this would be a fun film.  It's not on my top 10 by a long shot, but there is a lot to like, and some odd stuff gets licked.  So, lets arch our backs, curl our toes and dive in!

Becky Savage stars as a lonely California secretary that sips wine while dreaming of her perfect lover. And you know, when I think of dreamy porn hunks in the 80s, THIS GUY fits the bill!

Herschel Savage pokes, tastes and plunges his way (and it's a zany mixed up batch of editing here by the way) through her dream scenarios, talking dirty and working her into a literal lather.  But after the wine buzz fades, our girl decides she needs more and more sexual adventure. Real ones.  Picking up her guitar and thinking hard, she makes the choice to become a prostitute and get some...wait for it... CATHOUSE FEVER!  From there, it's just a series of hijinx as she tries a bit of everything really, we have dildo lessons! We have cowboys and dudes in Giiiiiiiiiiiant sunglasses!  And yes, we even have the occasional lesbian scene where it's more than muff getting munched. It's SOAP!! Seriously, this could not have been fun.

The best part of this shot has to be that it made me think of A CHRISTMAS STORY and I kept hearing Ralphie bemoaning that it was the Life Boy soap that caused his brain damage!  Yep, that is what I thought of.  But I can also say that Laverne Shields / Gaylene Marie is just stunning in the movie.  I can't fake you, my delicate readers...when I think 80s porn I just think of LEG WARMERS and check this out!  DOUBLE LEG WARMERS!!!!  Stiffness Meter Bonus...77 percent!

Oh my god. Seriously. The best thing I've seen all week.  Yow!! 

As plot and acting and gesturing goes, CATHOUSE FEVER isn't much, but the bizarre scenarios and vintage outfits keep things flowing like a vintage can of National Bohemian Beer.  Watch for Becky Savage going "native" and relax to a little bit of spank the way it was after the golden years were almost gone. Given it's age and time, the movie actually looks shockingly good, no video dropouts here! 
And favorite bit of the film. Totally unrelated, but that guy above, his mouth is taped shut.  Why?

Click the shot. Read the note.  There is a sideplot of all the girls trying to get this guy finished up that just keeps on (trying to) come right up at random times. It's fun, and well, it has a lot of legwarmers and that warms my heart and keeps me fully engaged!  Engorged. Or something....

You may not rate this as a Top Ten film, or even a Top Ten Peekarama, but you will get plenty of chuckles and you may even want to sing along before all is said and finished and done and done again!  Play us out, Becky...

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