Monday, December 16, 2013

Join THE ORAL GENERATION with Vinegar Syndrome!

My Black Friday haul of VINEGAR SYNDROME releases continues to delight and educate me on the early 70s porn scene with the absolutely bonkers release of THE ORAL GENERATION!  Not only do you get a rousing (and cinerection rising) main feature, but the disc is set up to play for almost 2 hours of Grindhouse goodies, all restored and looking sharper than I'm going to be they ever have.  So, lets pop it in and find out what educational materials are enclosed!

"It is only through the free dissemination of sex education information that all our adult population, male and female, can be the beneficiary of the increasing knowledge made available by our scientific community."

Well, this was certainly educational!  Starting off with "Clinical Sex" we join an obviously licensed doctor as he helps his beautiful clients understand their sexual desires and helps them release their sense of duty and embrace orgasm.  His nurse is always on hand to assist just in case any odd feelings for the same sex arise.  And don't forget to have the right massage mechanism on hand for the job...

The narration of the doctor really makes this one a lot of fun as he dutifully describes his methodology and true desire to help his subjects.  Husbands, this guy is OK to fuck your wife!  Hey, it's for your own good.   My favorite bit of this short subject is Nurse Ella, she is crazy hot AND has an unrestrained enthusiasm for her work.  Even helping her boss blow off some steam, "just for relief and pleasure."  BRING IT, NURSE!!!

ANY WAY YOU LIKE IT! is a basically the same theme, but introduces a groovy purple dress, a less amiable doctor (it's the glasses, he looks like Devolution has struck) and a nurse that appears to be VERY stoned as she fetches the vibrating machine that is supposed to justify his 35 dollars. But his demanding client wants MORE MORE MORE!  Good fun, with a hearty chuckle at the end! 

 And now, things get groovy. And a little weird. Maybe a nature.   Welcome to, NAKED SEXES!

So, naked people. Attractive ones.  Laughing. For almost ten minutes!!!  Hard to really put to words what this is, but I found myself chuckling along. There is a woman for all tastes, lots of naked skin on show and yeah...that.  No sex. No nothing. Laughing.  But then...well, I mean, I'm all for the male form, even when it is covered in a giant moustache.  But when the dude that looks like Mixed Martial Arts legend Fedor Emelianenko shows up and starts chuckling away and slapping himself in the face  bemusedly, it just fucked me up!   Woah.  Actually, I don't think I'll ever forget this!

Yeah, it was kind of awesome.
Rounding out our shorts is THE different SEX.  A jolly bit that has Sandra, majoring in sex education, wearing mega glasses and trying to write about THE HUMAN ORGASM. But she needed one. Nothing a quick 3 way with two willing male pals wouldn't solve!!  Oh, just add our naked narrator as well (who is definitely in the groovy nerdy hippy chick top 10 of the year) for some 3 way girl girl action!!  SANDRA, YOU RULE!!
There is an odd bit here, after Sandra goes all the way in every way she will "Never do it again."   Come on Sandra. I mean it. CUM. ON!!!

And just before the main film (seriously, you want value, this is it), there is a groovy and VERY hardcore outtake from The Oral Generation that plays like THAT scene you may have pictured from THAT 70s SHOW as a redhead and here Orange Bathrobe Wearing Dude Pal get it on with much oral athleticism!  I can't get the sight of the dude doing his lunge work out of my head, but it really does work well. And there is more teabagging than the average Call Of Duty multiplayer match as well.

And now...our Feature Presentation!

The Oral Generation is a pseudo documentary on the merits of oral sex and how it can be used to give both men and women pleasure.  Of course, things get gussied up like crazy as our narrator delivers an incredibly sexually positive message (well, barring some statements about tired husbands needing pleasing of course) before we get to examples.  Of real interest to many fans of cult and trash cinema right out of the gate is some gorgeous footage from NYC that manages to capture one of my all time favorite films under the title.  YEP, Maciste gets some love as GOLIATH AND THE VAMPIRES joins FRONTIER HELLCATS (?) on a double bill.  Amazing!!  We roll on down the theaters, the bookstores (by day for maximum clarity!) and get layouts of a ton of sex magazines to boot.  If oral sex video isn't your thing (really?) this opening reel should satisfy in a different vein.  It gave me a cine-boner before the main action even started. 

There are several different examples of good oral attitudes on show, from the first sequence of reciprocation being the key (look at that guy go...) to a great way to relax in the shower (I was fearful that the poor woman was about to get a soapy pubic loofa, but it didn't happen) and so on.  But after these first scenes the film snaps into overdrive!  Inspired by a reading of "The Sensuous Woman" a happy wife invites her man to fantasize while she spends a VERY long time slowly bringing him to orgasm. And thankfully that fantasy is one of the legends of the Grindhouse, Tina Russell.  Um...yeah, this worked for me pretty well, hard to argue the intermingling of loopy strip sequence and slowjob over a feedback laced groove in my mind.  Things get vigorous enough that the white cardboard roll up backdrop (barely hiding what appear to be boiler room pipes) can't contain it.  Stepping outside my reportage I have to admit to not knowing who Russell was, but I'm working on changing that right now.  Seriously. This just ruled.

And then it gets really headclonking as we have an awesome 70s Karate Dude get serviced in great fashion beneath some groovy music.  Alright!  AND...this.

His TKD is so strong that he killed a 3 Armed Bear and is getting his spoils now. Sonny Chiba Style!!  I guess oral sex on film is relative in regards to what the viewer prefers, but for the running time of this scene I'm going to call it as "JUST RIGHT!"  

Oh, and it made me remember this historical shot from earlier in the film. 

Truly, I'm rating this film as firm pillar of goodness can confirm it!

For one final scene (and hey, I'm exhausted just typing this) the NY Philharmonic gets a nice booster in ad space as a beautiful woman narrates the joy she not only gives, but happily shares with a friend.  It ends our feature on a happy note, full of sharing and sex and most of all... a positive love for all things Oral.

As you can see from the images, Vinegar Syndrome's disc looks amazing, far better than anything I've seen from the period. The film itself is quite nifty, pushing pluralism of desire and individual choice being part of the very basis of the constitution of the United States.  Hey, I know it's a way to get this sucker out to the masses and keep the illusion of it being a scientific study.  But it's surprisingly upbeat and just a lot of fun to watch when all is said and done.
With some vintage AmeriSex on show, a restoration worthy of geeking out over in the A/V sense AND loaded with a full two hours of programming, you should become part of THE ORAL GENERATION if you are so inclined. And if you aren't, maybe some education via 42nd Street is going to make that change.
Viva La Vinegar!


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