Sunday, June 16, 2013

Manhunter--The Jess Franco Savage unleashed on DVD AGAIN!

I don't feel any guilt in saying that I absolutely LOVE the scuzzy little Jess Franco jungle adventure full of ping pong eyes and flailing monster dong, MANHUNTER!! Some years ago Severin released this on DVD and, well... I love everything they do but this one DVD let me down.  You can see my thoughts here (and read the great reviews the A/V got and the comments, I must have been nuts) this post about It's GRRAAAAAYYY(t).  Times have changed and I don't spring for lots of imports, been when this limited to 222 pieces MANHUNTER appeared from XT Video I just couldn't resist.  Manhunter fans with extra money (it's not the cheapest disc I've encountered) will be in for a nice surprise! It looks really nice and contains English and German audio tracks as well as some neat extras. 

Another 10 viewings of this one are in my future!  It's limited, so the other obsessives may want to scurry off and grab one!  Stand tall and beat your drums of terror!

For the record, I'm neither an A/V enthusiast or expert.  For real.  For YEARS I've been told I'm blind to oversaturation, DNR and all that kind of thing--but take a look.  Also, I can't get screengrabs from the Red Edition as this new PC isn't all region DVD just yet, but the old post contains them and you can see there is more image!  But this sucker WILL DO for the rest of my Manhunter lovin' life. Until Blu Ray. I'll buy that too.  XT on the top, Severin on the bottom. 

XT Open

Severin Open

XT smell my pits shot!
Severin sniff sniff image

XT Weng Weng Cameo
Severin...zeee plane....urrr...helicopter!

Severin ACTION!

XT Vibrant Tits!!!
Severin Tits!
XT Gates of OH CRAP!!!
Severin Gates of ...wait, I caught bush!  That is cool.

Severin Splat...


Severin darkens the dong...slightly different, sorry....I was hypnodonged trying to cap it.

So, make your decision from there! 
The extras are different, there are lots more images, but Severin includes a great interview with Franco.
Also, here are 2 little shots of the cool gallery from the XT Edition. Just because! 


Robert Monell said...

Yup, the Severin is a blur! I'll link to this on my JF blog. Thanks RM said...

Quality looks stunning! I've updated the Devil Hunter entry on Horrorpedia and added a couple of your scans, plus a thanks! Cheers, Adrian

David A. Zuzelo said...

Glad to be of help Adrian...great entry on a favorite film of mine over at horrorpedia!

poodle skirt said...

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