Wednesday, April 03, 2013

An Invisible Cord...words from Analía Ivars about the passing of Jess Franco

It is amazing how social media has changed not just the way people live day to day, but the amazing access we have to the people that are parts of our own personal cinematic landscape.  Some time ago I connected with the beautiful Analia Ivars, who appeared in many Franco films over 20 years. These include some fun films of the 80s and she is iconic in the One Shot Productions period, one I have great love for.  When the news of Jess Franco's passing made the rounds I was touched by her honest words for a man she knew far better than anyone that was a fan of his work could.  Here is both English (with some spot translations by my friend Marta) and the original Spanish text of that message. Thanks to Analia for giving me permission to reprint these thoughts.

Analia Ivars from VAMPIRE BLUES

Today Jess Franco, a controversial and bizarre director of many films is gone... for me he is my "father in film,” the first director with which I worked and, of course, with which I learned more about acting. I won't fall into the cliché when someone dies to say “What good it always was!”, because Jesus, like almost all artists, was special.  Sometimes weird, selfish, a blackmailer with strong and an often dominant character.  But he was also fun, a great conversationalist with an exquisite taste for music, both to listen to it as well as to play it. We fought many times over these 30 years of professional relationship (we both have a strong character) but the next encounter was always tinged with nostalgia. I know that we had created an invisible cord between us (of affection, gratitude...I do not know) that eventually always came back to find us letting go of grudges. I feel that we will no longer be able to reconcile with each other and this breaks my heart… He has gone with Lina, his wife, his love... that comforts me.
Rest in peace. A. Ivars.

Hoy ha se ha ido Jess Franco, un director de cine polémico y estrafalario, para muchos...para mi, mi "padre cinematográfico", el primer director con el que trabajé y desde luego con el que más aprendí. No voy a caer en el tópico de cuando alguien se muere decir: ¡qué bueno era!, porque Jesús, como casi todos los artistas, era especial, a veces raro, egoísta, chantajista, con carácter fuerte, muchas veces dominante, pero también era divertido, un gran conversador, con un gusto exquisito, para la música, tanto para oírla como para ejecutarla. Nos peleamos muchas veces a lo largo de estos 30 años de relación profesional (los dos tenemos carácter fuerte) pero el siguiente encuentro siempre estaba teñido de nostalgia. Sé que se había creado un cordón invisible entre nosotros ( el cariño, el lo sé) que con el tiempo siempre volvíamos a encontrarnos borrando rencores. Siento que esta vez ya no podremos "reconciliarnos" y se me parte el corazón. Se ha ido con Lina, su mujer, su amor...eso me consuela.
Descanse en paz. A. Ivars.

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