Tuesday, November 20, 2012

MUTATION - Timo Rose Epic Memories

With the recent viewing of NECRONOS getting me nostalgic for some German Gore I didn't even realize it was about a decade ago that I found Timo Rose and his Mutation films by randomly importing them.  Great fun and about time for a rewatch.  Here are some covers to those long gone DVDs.  My original Mutation was a CMV laservision (I think) that was one of those big jewel boxes. I can't find it (!!!), but here are cover art for Mutation 2 and 3 as well as a complete booklet from M3-Century of the Dead.  Enjoy, and they are as much fun as this all makes it look!  More soon, it's time to preserve all these little booklets for future generations of gore fans and filmmaking fiends! 
Come to think of it, I never did catch MUTATION ANNIHILATION!

Mutation II – Generation Dead by Nervenhammer_Netchannel

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