Monday, November 12, 2012

Emmanuelle Private Collection - Sexual Spells... Enter The Emmanuelleverse 8

Emmanuelle's Private Collection-SEXUAL SPELLS is probably the most like what I'd imagined these Nastasja Vermeer films would be like.  It isn't high concept soft core this time around as Emmanuelle is basically being sort of meta narrated by another erotic writer's imagination and being propelled along between encounters by a trio of sexy ghosts.

Here, I'll let him explain.

While the E stuff is quite random (cue the music, solo scene...random fantasy, Vermeer's stunning ass grinding...repeat) there is a subplot for the writer and his "innocent" assistant that he is in love with. But lets just take a look at what Emmanuelle is listening to for guidance from the spirit world.

No doubt, if these ghosts come knocking on my door, I'll do whatever they say.  And Emmanuelle does and does and does.  I mean, is THIS the kind of shot I expect in my softcore?  No. But I'm good with it popping up.  And the scene too.

Yes, that is softcore in the Emmanuelleverse when you dig into the Private Collection.  And what was that I said about Vermeer's backside?  Indeed!  So, lets get to the plot segment. The one about the writer and the assistant.  It is actually fairly entertaining as the innocent girl asks her erotica loving boss about perhaps doing some escort work.  She meets THIS guy. With a really bad accent and mustache.  Oh oh.

He looks nice, right?  Well, two scenes later they head to a party with THIS GUY and GAL!

Seems OK...go on in.  Really, I mean what could the guy that used to be in the Poison cover band be up to?  Oh...this.

Pretty nice...a little shout out to BLACK COBRA with Laura Gemser or something...  so, a little fire, some snakes.  Nice party...oh. And this.

Sweet...brick wall basement.  Nipple pleasure.  So, Miss Innocent decides this is pretty cool, but the ghosts and Emmanuelle want a happy ending. A happy FUCKING ending. And we get that. Thankfully E and the Ectos are romantics at heart, and Emmanuelle gets to pick her final fantasy too!
Here, have a random ass n' pinball machine shot. On me!

And then there is this.  I don't know if it is the aerobicize outfit. Or the nerdly water gun. Or the oral nerdly water gun thing...or what. But it caught my eye!  And this is just the first part...woah.

And here is the rub that rubs it out...  This is NOT an essential piece of the Emmanuelleverse, but if you look above you'll notice that I found a lot of things entertaining.  Even this series would get more bizarre (see EMMANUELLE VS. DRACULA), but the high gloss filming style and Vermeer's looks sort of sucked me in.  Then it just gets odd in the best late night cable way that has my mind and penis zipping back to the days of scrambled porn on UHF. Hardcore wasn't exactly an easy option (did I ever mention that my first real job was a video shop when I was 17?  AH, the books of sleeves...)--and this is the kind of softcore I would have really enjoyed. Now I'm more amused. And entertained. More entertained than by most of the stuff my neighbors are entertained by.

So I'm hunkering down in the Emmanuelleverse and will report back what I find!  Skip this one unless you have a thing for waterguns and tits out singlet scenes.  I know there has to be one of you out there?  I mean, I watched it. 


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