Sunday, November 18, 2012

Emmanuelle In Space 1 - Enter The Emmanuelleverse 11

And we are back with Emmanuelle!  This time she is headed to the final frontier...SPACE!!  Good enough for Jason (X), good enough for her.  Krista Allen (of Days Of Our Lives) takes up the mantle of the sexiest woman in time and space and does a good job with a strange scenario that isn't quite up to the oddity of the latest outings, but there is fun to be had.  Naked fun!

See what I mean?
Now then, the basic plot is very amusing as our lady of lust is driving along and picks up a guy that seems to be channeling Mork on a strict Quaalude diet and bearing better abs than Robin Williams ever sported. His name is HAFFRON and he is on a mission to learn about earthlings and what makes them special. Luckily, Emmanuelle explains that we have the art of fucking to share, and that appears to be about it.  She is zoomed up to a spaceship (which she has no problem with, though she is pissed her vacation plans may be altered) and we meet the cast of alien shape shifters eager to learn all about this "orgasm" and "getting ones groove on while listening to a cassette boom box" she speaks of.

There are a few little games like "can Haffron pick out Emmanuelle's pussy if she changes form to another woman?" and "will the dude that gets his first earth lay in fall in love and stop being an alien" that all propel the film between some decent enough, if not standard, grinding and bumping and groaning and moaning.  Emmanuelle sorts things out and it's back to the ship for 6 more flicks!

So, is this even close to the later films? Not really, but I have to cop to liking a few things here.  First, there are space ships. I like them. I like seeing them in my Emmanuelle time. So, that is a win.  Also, there is Krista Allen.  She sort of sums up this series to me so far. She is attractive, but not stunning or unique like Laura Gemser or Allie Haze...she looks Soap Opera hot.  Everyone looks like they are on a cruise ship and we are seeing the best of the small batch, and usually the ones with augmented assets to boot. 
And hey, Na Nu Na Nu...pull my penis is pretty funny as a premise for seven films.  I'm in and I'll keep on going!  For Science. For Sinema. For Emmanuelle!!!

And there is this guy!
Her face says it all...
So hop on board the Emmanuelle Space Ship with me if you can watch them here!

Emmanuelle In Space: First Contact part 1 by zirka

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