Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Horrors 2012 #18 THE BRAIN

I'm fairly jaded.  I know it.  I also know I must have rented this one 20 years ago (or more) and marked it as OK and all that. But now I am ready to accept this haunting tale of the most EVILEST FLESHLIGHT EVER SEEN!!  I have enjoyed October so very much already, but nothing could have warmed me up for how excited I was by this 1988 flick from Canada, THE BRAIN!! 

RECEIVED indeed!  Right out of the gate we have David Gale as a cross between Morton Downey Jr., L Ron Hubbard and Barry Convex from Videodrome.  His local TV show, INDEPENDENT THINKERS is all the (murderous) rage as everyone seems to think he is just the grooviest guy ever.  Problem. He is actually using a giant brain monster to hypnotize everyone that is watching.  Luckily a local scamp of a lad in the little High School can take some time out of his SODIUM PRANKS (keep that in mind, the word SODIUM appears constantly in the background of the wareshouses and buildings) and getting laid to be discovered as BRAIN PROOF by the evil villain.  Therefore, the town is set against him as some Cerebellar Smashing occurs and he is blamed for it. Poor kid, he can't stop hallucinating (ahem, Videodrome) and embarks on a cheapjack adventure like no other.  By the way, did I mention that THE BRAIN actually flies about and eats people? While roaring louder than Jaws 4?  David Gale can only quip, "well, that's food for thought."

Yes, that is a teddy bear shooting out a fleshy tentacle to strangle a woman while her daughter tries to battle free of the bad BRAIN WAVES.  I can't even begin to tell you how much odd goings on made me smile in this movie.  It's a very very basic old time monster film at it's damaged little heart to be honest, and having the presence of Gale as the insane scientist that MAY NOT BE WHAT YOU THINK (ahem) really adds to the fun. But honestly, it's all about the rubber here.  I am not one that enjoys heavily condomed lovemaking, but I'll strap this sucker on any day and let my Cinerection lead the way to paradise.  It's fairly well made, the only real plot device to stop the monster is laid out so flat and so many times you can't miss it, but who cares. Heck, they even apologize and advise YOU not to do what kills giant brains monsters in the closing credits. LOOK AT IT!!


This was, by far, my most exciting rewatch of the season, because I'm now ready to admit that this can hold the same warm spot in my heart that THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN'T DIE does.  It's a little tacky in spots, but when things slow down in the polyurethane pummeling the filmmakers drop a car off a really really really high cliff to keep guys like me interested.  I dig that. If you want a goofy monster flick, this is one you deserve to put in the player and chill with.  If my words don't convince you, here are more images from this really distinct, really groovy, utterly cerebral HALLOWEEN HORROR!!

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