Friday, October 19, 2012

Halloween Horrors 2012 #15 SLAUGHTER HIGH

FEARnet strikes again, and with a tip off from Dan Taylor at Exploitation Retrospect in hand, I loaded up SLAUGHTER HIGH last night.  So, I missed an 80s slasher produced by Dick Randall (of Pieces and Bruce Le Fu fury) that stars Caroline Munro as a high school student (for a little bit)?
How the hell did that happen?
It even has random bathing in a condemned building WHILE a killer is demolishing people??  Epic.

A band of merry miscreants set up the school geek for a shaming as they use the beautiful Caroline Munro (I thought she was a teacher!) to get him naked in the shower before they shock him, shame him, dunk his head in the toilet AND lead him to be so upset he spills a handily marked and highly perched bottle of acid all over himself.  If you added a tutu and a mop it would be Toxic Avenger, but you know this is the REVENGE REV UP and it's a good one.  Marty the nerd is kind of interesting, he is less cartoony than Melvin / Toxie by far, and he unleashes quite a bit of havoc at the...flash forward and now Caroline Munro looks age appropriate...SCHOOL REUNION.

 I won't bore you with the plot, because I can really recommend this to anyone that would want to watch an 80s slasher. What sets this one apart in the greater trashverse is some really fun details.  There is a great scene early on when Dick Randall himself appears in full sleazy movie producer mode as he tries to convince Caroline Munro to do some trash films.  That is priceless of course, but there is more!  On the wall behind Randall is a poster for PIECES (greatest film ever perhaps) and..AND... SUPERSONIC MAN!  Yep, a wall with not one, but TWO Juan Piquer Simon posters is just perfection.  Also, Munro spends a bunch of the film in a nifty 80s outfit wearing a belt that looks like she is trying to be Dynamo from T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents.  I'd pay to see her play Iron Maiden in that unmade 60s TOWER COMICS film series that I wish had happened.

The rest of the crew are awesome 80s douchebags that smoke weed as the mayhem commences (watch Munro shuffle away a joint with a wave so that she can snort more coke!)--and there isn't a lot of suspense to be had as the Joker masked maniac stalks n' slaughters.  But it has that Randall Random Wheel of HUHWHATTHEFUCK going on.
Hey, there is a scene that has all these cans of Colt .45 sitting as empties and a dude dies from drinking mysteriously acid spiked in a sealed can of PABST BLUE RIBBON (cue the Dennis Hopper voice).  He died drinking a man's drink and explodes like a can of worms!

Also worth noting is the score by Harry Manfredini!  It wobbles between awful "comedy" music and cues that are slightly altered and not altered at all from Friday the 13th, including a straight up "Jason" moment!
Do you want to chuckle and then see faces melt, bodies blow up, boobs, bad accents and nerd vengeance?'s on FEARnet. Now. Go.

Bust open a PBR, and get ready to inhale deeply and feel the SLAUGHTER HIGH!

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