Sunday, March 04, 2012

Lina Romay gives us THE KISS in KISS ME, KILLER!

Two of my favorite club scenes in the filmography of Jess Franco are in Kiss Me Killer--and now I can share them with you.  A fun crime flick with all the sleazy stripclub atmosphere you could ask for in a film, KMK is one worth seeking out.  These two scenes are just highlights for Lina Romay fans.
Oddly, this popped up on Netflix streaming service some time ago! You can watch it RIGHT HERE!!

Scene 1

And here we have the longer scene 2.  Oh man, I love this one...Franco's camera is the perfect eye, focusing from hips to lips and adding in the appreciative crowd.  Clip ones ZOWIE WOWIE is just priceless dubbing.  Enjoy!!

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