Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Malabimba - Neck Snapping Cinemoments!

Over on Eurotrash Paradise, the long running Yahoo group that I'm a very proud member of, we are doing a TVBC (Twisted Video Book Club) on one of my favorite Andrea Bianchi films...MALABIMBA! 
I'll add some notes from the discussion on the blog when it is over, but for now I can't resist adding this lovely sleaze gem to my NECK SNAPPING CINEMOMENTS series...Enjoy!

 Welcome back to Castello Di Balsorano!

"Ding Dong...woops wrong psychic number!!"

And these are our cast members!  

Teddy Bears are not talismans against evil...apparently. 

Ah, the teen years...

Patrizia Webley...sleaze queen!

I'm wobbly for Webley!

You can't beat the careful evaluation of a European Trash Cinema Psychologist!


Note the dual "warmth marks" on that mirror!

Webley...just because.

A sweaty seduction and overcoming of evil! 


DrunkethWizerd said...

Absolutely great screenshots on this one!!

SPAM Alternative said...

I like this movie, I like it a lot. Mostly cause it doesn't beat around the bushes like many others do. I like how Andrea Bianchi used the sex scenes to fatten the storyline.