Sunday, February 05, 2012

GRIPS...The Stats of a Super Slaughterer

A little bit of my comics obsession today.  I picked up a batch of Silverwolf comics this week, I still have holes to fill, but spending more than 10 bucks a year on these is out of the question.   I'm also moderately obsessed by doing a GRIPS tribute someday.  Not a parody, just an idiosyncratic tribute to my first exposure to the work of Tim Vigil and Kris Silver. 
I even know the perfect artist...  but man, it would be nice if anyone could find Kris Silver for a look at this time.  Here is some pre-release material on Grips from Eradicators #2.    So, who wants to read SACRAMENTO SLAUGHTER RUN??
Click these for massive GRIPS ACTION!

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Moby said...

Kris can be reached at stoffer9999(at) I would also like to see something, perhaps a one-shot even. Just something new with Grips. Oh well.

Also, if you ever wanted to see a pic of Grips on the you go.

Take care.