Friday, January 06, 2012

Schulmädchen-Report Investigations Start NOW

So, after finding a bunch of the Schoolgirl Report DVDs for under 9 dollars at Deep Discount DVD (check, they may still be there!) I began my viewing of this infamous series.  Part Mondo, Part Not So Much Teaso...and maybe just a little SleazO, I really enjoyed part one.  I need to know though, are these intended to scare adults, empower the sexually revolutionary youth or just be groovy sex films??

Well, more on that later--this snippet of conversation made my jaw drop. Mind you, the final one I took a bit out of context because it just reads funnier!  Considering all the dental work I've had to endure lately, a little oral humor was immensely appreciated.

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Wes said...

David many thanks for the heads-up on the Schoolgirl Report films over at DDDVD - I only ever picked up the 3rd Report, as these titles are usually quite pricey, so I grabbed the remaining films. I have fond memories of watching these films on TV in the late 80's. In the early experimental days of satellite TV in Ireland (where I'm writing from), all sorts of strange and exotic channels from mainland Europe could be picked up on the TV, and one of them was the German station, Sat1 which would show softcore erotica after 11pm at the weekends - as well as the Schoolgirl Report films, I seem to remember a series of erotic heimat films, where usually a busload of mini-skirted tourists / schoolgirls would arrive in a rural German village to the delight of the local farmers (and my teenage self). I still think German erotica is the best in the world...