Friday, July 22, 2011

Raiders of Atlantis...Trash Tweets Episode 1

This was something a little bit different... I watched the awesome RAIDERS OF ATLANTIS again and kept my Twitter feed up. Here is what happened.

Does anyone have interest in joining me for group viewings and comments?

Timeline for RAIDERS OF ATLANTIS! I'm going to spruce these viewings up with live photos next time-and then I'll reprint them here.

Time for Ruggero Deodato and RAIDERS OF ATLANTIS #EuropeanTrashCinema
12 hours ago

Christopher Connelly and Tony King...Killers for Hire!! "It ain't Washington, it's MOHAMMED!" #EuropeanTrashCinema
12 hours ago

Connelly doesn't appear to be the most acrobatic dude, but he sure can raid n' wreck!
12 hours ago

Woah! Michele Soavi appears-with Deodato himself in Deodato action! #EuropeanTrashCinema
12 hours ago

Ancient Eurobabe Gioia Scola! Disaster ahead!
12 hours ago

And there is George Hilton for the second night in a row...and Ivan Rassimov! What a cast for #RaidersOfAtlantis #EuropeanTrashCinema

Music Break

Atlantis? "It should be bobbing up to the surface like a beach ball in about 10 minutes!" OH CRAP..only in #EuropeanTrashCinema

@NerdoCulto So true, and here comes BRUCE BARON as Crystal Skull. Great flick!!

The entire control room explodes and this jackass wants "secondary circuits!" The sea bottom is going crazy and here comes...ATLANTIS!!

BOOOOOM...first "Post Nuker" Italian Raiders have arrived! All Hail #RaidersOfAtlantis #EuropeanTrashCinema

Miniature Apocalypse! Massive Waves! Christopher Connelly bobbing and Tony King weaving! This is #EuropeanTrashCinema a bubble...and now starts the apocalypse in force. Somehow our heroes little boat survives the tidal waves!

"Well I love you too dirtball...Wash, throw his ass back in there!" Ah, manly dialog ala #EuropeanTrashCinema

Connelly swagger line..."As soon as we get back I'll take you out for a spinach dinner!" Eurobabes LOVE spinach!

"I've got an idea, but it's too incredible. It's impossible!" Baby, this is #EuropeanTrashCinema 

Ruggero Deodato knows how to do the whole "guys walk in on splatter scene" routine very very well. #RaidersOfAtlantis tops Cut and Run!

Here come #TheRaidersOfAtlantis again. Spiked cars, Spiked Bats and Bruce Baron!

Ruggero Deodato is good at shooting action, gore, horror and humor. Truly a #EuropeanTrashCinema titan!

Great score for this one by the always fun "Oliver Onions"-The DeAngelis Brothers! Perfect for decapitating postnuke bikers too!

Those wacky #RaidersOfAtlantis have echoing screams that rule!

"Interceptors?" Christopher Connelly fears no Interceptors nor Raiders.

"We have returned to reestablish our presence!" Atlantis is pissed at the surface world in #EuropeanTrashCinema 

Now that was a BBQ!! The #RaidersOfAtlantis ain't messing around!

Arrow in the face! Shotgun Blast to the chest! Sword fighting?? Combat ala Deodato in the #EuropeanTrashCinema Arena!

Tony King is one of those guys that always seems to be having fun in #EuropeanTrashCinema 

 Helicopter versus van...some excellent stunts and Christopher Connelly blasting a chopper out of the sky is a bonus!

In #Horror movies they always go back in "the house" and in #EuropeanTrashCinema 4 dudes just attack Atlantis. Why not?

"Don't look like no advanced civilization to me...they look like a bunch of trees!"

Argentinian Ninja Tactics take down Atlantis Interceptors with Ease!

"Bill...don't leave me here in this hole alone!!!!!!" Random gunfire!!! Guy falls off cliff!!!! Awesome!

 Christopher Connelly vs. Bruce Baron! Sword against whip! Thank you for #RaidersOfAtlantis Ruggero Deodato.

"We can't move...we're immobilized" says Tony King as he leans down to say it to Christopher Connelly. And then stands up!

"You better run!!" An epic escape for our Merc pals after they defeat Atlantis!

" are you gonna ask me out for that spinach dinner?" Yep, Eurobabes love Spinach. Cardinal rule of #EuropeanTrashCinema 

Oliver Onions playing us out of #RaidersOfAtlantis with Black Inferno! Viva Ruggero Deodato, Christopher Connelly and Mike King!


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Dan said...

Sorry I missed out on this Z but definitely a fun idea... count me in next time if I have the flick on hand!