Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wandering into the sunlight...The Tomb Will Open Again Soon!

Yes indeed...SUMMER is here and as always I wander from my Tomb for a few weeks and enjoy time with my kids, my wife and this year I even have a Birthday Bash with my friends from The Eurotrash Paradise to look forward to next Saturday.
Stay TRASHY and service will re-energize and arouse you upon my return. More Joe D'Amato Porn Scene Investigations!!  More insane comics!  More movies and Cinemoments to boggle yer brain.
Also of special note this year, I'll be gone for LINA ROMAY'S BIRTHDAY!!  She is celebrated on the eve of my own, so Happy Birthday Lina, this member of The Tomb stands tall in your honor as always!! 

Stay naughty fellow fiends of the blogosphere!!

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