Thursday, May 05, 2011

David Z on the CyberAirwaves - Cult Cinema Corner

Tonight at 10 PM EST I'll be joining Wildside Cinema Maniac Brian Harris for an hour to talk European Action Exploding and anything else that comes up!  You can listen by FOLLOWING THIS LINK and also you can call in via Phone or Skype and chat with us.  It should be fun and has me wondering if Tomb It May Concern podcasts would be fun to do!  Well, I'll try and survive this one tonight!
Join us....JOIN US!!

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Anonymous said...

I think a regular podcast would be a good idea. I'd listen, anyway.

Some program ideas:

Yor: was he really the Man?

Big Ape Vs. Crazy Bull: Who's the baddest?

The cinematic artistry of Sabrina Siani

Anyway, hope it happens!

Love the blog.