Sunday, May 08, 2011

Angelspit and their TOXIC GIRL!

In the past few years I can't remember any band that has impressed me as much as ANGELSPIT. I saw them open for KMFDM (whose new album WTF? is great by the way) and it was an intriguing experience.  Unique tweaker sounds, heavy beats and a vocal style that goes for the Punk jugular the way Atari Teenage Riot once did. 
And this is Toxic Girl.  From the new remix / new song album Carbon Beauty...this song is angry and rough and brutal and brilliant. The video is even more so. 
Not for the weak of heart or mind or sensibility!  Click if you dare and be sure to investigate the aural agony of Angelspit!

Angelspit - Toxic Girl /uncensored/ from Mesmer Tamas on Vimeo.

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