Monday, January 24, 2011

War Goddess Vs. Amazons!

I first found Terence Young's excellent grindhouse amazon fightfest, THE AMAZONS on the B-Side of the Retromedia disc titled "WHEN WOMEN RULED THE EARTH." Trashy and fun, the full frame presentation is less than stellar, but the naked catfights make up for that.
And now, I can watch the Japanese edition, in beautiful widescreen.  But right off the top I noticed a difference! 
The US print contains an opening battle sequence with our two Amazonian rivals beating down - AND CHOPPING UP- some men!  As soon as the Japanese disc starts, that bit is missing, replaced by some goofy and ironic text. 
Hey, the film is pretty goofy and ironic, so it fits.  Another difference is the running times between the two editions. The US disc version runs 20 minutes shorter than the Japanese print!! 
Say it with me...MORE NAKED CATFIGHTS (I hope).  We shall see!


And the Japanese DVD

The quality of the Japanese version is fantastic...check it out!!



dfordoom said...

I definitely want a copy of this one!

David A. Zuzelo said...

Totally worth the effort, it is a ton of fun. A late entry in the Peplum/Barbarian cycle that emphasized nudity and violence.
Yay for those traits!

Rod Barnett said...

I caught up with this a few weeks ago too and was really impressed by it. When I learned that most have only seen the much shorter version I knew why it has such a crappy rep. A shame a damned good trashy epic is only available through backdoor channels but it was ever thus.

Cinema Raiders said...

Where might one find this Japanese release you speak of?