Monday, January 31, 2011

Last House On The Left Blu Ray...Best Buy Exclusive!

Thanks VERY  much to THE BASEMENT OF GHOULISH DECADENCE for the heads up that is very much worth sharing. LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT is being released on Blu Ray tomorrow, February 1st.  If you order it online the price is $9.99! 
Yeah, you gotta do that!!

Check it out right here... LINK TO NOWHERRRRRRRE!

"Ah, it looks like Mari's getting cards from half the civilized world. Mari Collingwood. Mari Collingwood. Mari Collingwood. You'd think she's the only kid to reach the age of 17. Of course she is probably the prettiest piece I've ever seen."

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Mike H said...


Wow wow wow!

It took me years to be able re-watch this one (1st time as a Midnight Movie in 1979)... dare I make the HD plunge?

You bet!