Monday, December 13, 2010

Lovely Lina warms up December!

I know...where is the weekly Casual (un)Dress Friday?  Well, as the holidays and real life continue to occupy my time I have slacked off a touch.
This makes it better.
Lina Romay (tribute here) was my inspiration for the Friday fun, and this single image says it all. Monday morning just got better and December just got hotter!  Enjoy!



Neil D Vokes said...

YOU BASTARD YOU! I'm gonna definitely gonna lose a couple hours of my day...;o)

Douglas A. Waltz said...

Guess I'll be watching a Lina Romay flick today. :0)

David A. Zuzelo said...

I guess I'll be looking at this picture alone for about 45 seconds later ;)

R.Sterling Carody said...

Where is this image from?? I've never seen a hairless vergina from that time period.