Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Zordax 2 - The Metal War is now FREE!

A few years ago at THIS POST I covered a cool short film called Zordax 2: The Metal War.  With a title like that how can you go wrong?  Well, director Syl Disjonk lived up to that moniker with a tribute to Pastapocalyptic films from years gone by.  The style is cool, the intro is nifty and I love the mood.  Best of all, it uses an utterly appropriate score to bring me right back to the MERRY MOTHERGRABBIN' years of yore!
Enjoy it now, for FREE! 
You may want to click through the player to watch it full screen!

ZORDAX 2 in English!

ZORDAX 2 in French!

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Paul Cooke aka Buckaroobanzai said...

Hey DZ, Thanks for posting that up. The opening thirty seconds is classic old school Italian Post Apocalyptic joy with that intro music. A real throwback.