Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Devil Hunter Eats Your Skin!

I was thrilled to have the VCI release of SWAMP OF THE RAVENS show up at my door last week, but before I even got to that one I realized there was a nice looking print of I EAT YOUR SKIN / ZOMBIE on the disc!  Well, I couldn't pass that up-and while the movie is certainly slow in spots and sags beneath the unbelievably melodramatic music, it does have some cool zombies and fun characters that make it worth a watch. 
But this time I noticed that the zombies sure do look like old Ping Pong Eyes from Jess Franco's classic bit of Jungle Trash, DEVIL HUNTER!  Check it out...

I Eat Your Skin
Devil Hunter

I Eat Your Skin
Devil Hunter
And a totally frightful POV shot of Franco's ping pong "predator!"


Unknown said...

Ha ha ha . This post really made me laugh! That Franco,eh? Great blog - well done on reaching your 666th post!

Douglas A. Waltz said...

I love I Eat Your Skin. One of my favorite movies to watch from time to time.