Tuesday, September 14, 2010

War Dog!

One of my favorite Swedish action films of all, WAR DOG is just plain awesome.  Also awesome are the scans up at BASEMENT OF GHOULISH DECADENCE, an excellent blog dedicated to all things horrific and groovy.  Go there and enjoy hours of reading, but certainly check out the JAPANESE War Dog sleeve.
To further the War Dog love, here are scans of the 2007 DVD from "GET THE MOVIE" as well!

Nifty Slipcase!

I can't believe I've never reviewed this...that must change!


Jayson Kennedy said...

Thanks for the mention and link David! I actually had no idea this was ever released on DVD at all.

Ninja Dixon said...

Very nice cover! I wonder how much this differs from the UK dvd? That one seem very uncut...

I need to buy the german one anyway.

Jack J said...

I haven't watched the UK DVD (altho I do own it, haha) but the bits missing from the cut versions were uploaded to YouTube at some stage (and removed again, argh) and apparently the entire gunning down of kids is gone from the cut versions. The German DVD was done by Asian film expert spannick who's on Cinehound forum. An all-round nice dude who sent me an awesome (unreleased) dvd of Schulmädchen rapport trailers. :D