Thursday, September 09, 2010

Kikaida is COMIN' AT YA!!

One of the greatest shames of my film collecting life is that I never invested in all the Kikaida shows available on DVD.  I love sitting back and enjoying the antics of the wild superheroes of Japan whenever possible, so I was really thrilled to get a beautiful copy of The Kikaida 3-D Movie!!  Slap on your glasses and enjoy some ultra henshin punching power in your living room too.  Click the images and enjoy!!
You'll love it!


R.Sterling Carody said...

You might also like Iron King. It is a good bit cheesier than Ultra Man or Kikaida, which is a good thing. Plus the boxset is dirt cheap on amazon. I think I got it new for 12 bucks.

Joel Bocko said...

My God, what a great post. I have to see this - but I'm guessing Netflix (if they even carried it) wouldn't send glasses in the envelope? Would the glasses I stole from the Avatar screening work?