Monday, August 30, 2010

More Neck Snapping CineMoments- Al Bradley is a Brescian Master!

Time for a few additions to the CineMoments Meme on a Monday morning!  Check out this post for more details, or just enjoy the pics that make me go WHA WHA WHAAAAT?  Today is the AL BRADLEY edition-or to quote his film HOMICIDE IN A BLUE LIGHT, "It's ice cream, not shit! Lick it!!"

Cross Mission!!!  While it is hardly the most exciting film in the Al Bradley canon, it has the upside of the fantastic Nelson de la Rosa appearing as ASTAROTH the mystical man the size of a tootsee roll.  He shoots blasts of energy, he has a painted portrait and he takes this fairly simple action film in to the realm of the best of Brescia's spacers!!  I reviewed this one for Tough To Kill, and you can read it here.

The Beast In Space!!!  This entire film is nuts, a porned up Space Saga from the master of the 12 cent light saber.  With this guy stalking you, it gives a whole new meaning to that "svooosh" sound effect that gets lifted from Star Wars.  Review here.

Iron Warrior!  This baddie is pretty much exactly what I would have tried to draw when I was 11 years old.  Truly awesome, and while the film is really just OK, it is not only notable for a cool character design or two, but also that an HD version is shown on MGM HD!  Viva Brescia!!

And now..the greatest sequence involving a Football player, a hollow football, a grenade and a helicopter ever shot and presented to an eager audience that loves EXPLOSIONS.  THE LAST MATCH!!!
While not directed by Al Brescia (the honors go to Fabrizio De Angelis)...this is perfectly in line with what has come before it.  PUNT!!

"Oh dag...our rescue mission is gonna go bad. Drop back and PUNT!!"

"Ah....this should do the trick-Power To The Pigskin!!!"

"Unleashing the ultimate PUNT!"


I love Alfonso Brescia.

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dfordoom said...

His movies are among the weirdest ever made but they're certainly entertaining.