Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Graveyard Rendevous #35 Truly Released!! Guy N. Smith fans rejoice!

After many stops, starts, mis-steps and hurdles I'm pleased to see that Graveyard Rendezvous, the fanzine for the Gun N. Smith fanclub has released Issue 35.  A great buy for fans that are still in to GNS as well as those that may not know that much about the Great Scribbler!  This issue includes short fiction by GNS (Howling On The Moors), fiction by Brooke Vaughn and Stuart Neild, a list of available back catalog items from Black Hill Books, The Old Brides Column (a must have), Writers Forum, miscellania and reviews. Nice to see Bruce from Bookgasm there, and I will admit to feeling a great sense of pride at seeing one of my reviews in the lead off spot for the issue.  
This is probably the first printed matter from a certain project I had been working on, and it makes me happy to see it.  Ringin' the DEATHBELL is always fun.

Show GNS some love and try this 'zine out...perfect to stoke your fire for killer crustaceans, bad boy bankers and nymphomaniac housewives!  Email and tell Ceri you need your GNS!

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Guy N Smith said...

Why thank you, I hope everyone enjoys it. The more people that read it and send their own work in, the more we can hopefully put in.
This is the start of the revamp of GNS. For more information on Guy visit