Monday, May 24, 2010

The Phantom: The Indrajal Covers!

I've been a Phantom fan since...well...I couldn't even tell you. A long long long time I'd wager! The Ghost Who Walks, Lee Falk's jungle adventurer, was always around my house as a kid via strips and reprints... the announcement that Moonstone would be losing the license to the character came as a surprise, I really like what they have done over the years.  The upcoming book from Dynamite Entertainment doesn't have me enthusiastic, though I will certainly give it a read.  Drenching the character in blood doesn't excite me, but here is something that does. 
Indrajal Comics of India presented at least 1500 issues of comics with The Phantom in them, just think about that...that is a lot of excitement and adventure as only the purple protector could bring!  The covers of the Indrajal editions range from sublime to silly to wacked out and all are pretty wonderful. Enjoy!  Click the thumbnails for some zany action...and just wait until you see the Mandrake covers!!

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant! I want them all!!!!