Monday, May 17, 2010

Favorite European Trash Cinema Images -Strip Nude For Your Killer

This entry in to the Favorite European Trash Cinema Images is a cheat of sorts...but I could not find one little shot that perfectly summarizes the ending of the Andrea Bianchi classic of UltraTrash. Is it the weird plot line that I love?  Well, sure.  Is it the great opening scene that sets a whole lot of bad behavior into motion?  Yep!  But the ending, the post wrap up scene is unforgettable.  Major spoiler here, so if you haven't seen the film, stop reading and go do it now!  Here...go hit play. are still here.
After we learn that all this insanity was caused by an abortion gone wrong our long suffering heroine played by the beautiful Edwige Fenech is lounging in bed with Nino Castelnuovo as they go over the details.  Now, this stuff is really all on Castelnuovo's character Carlo.  He is a total bastard through the entire film, so perhaps this is where Fenech strikes back?  Well, the back is involved...back door that is.  So, Carlo realizes that in order to prevent any further need for abortions in his life he should simply express his love in a different way.  
Which leads to this... (note...I've taken liberty with the dialog for our little Cine-Strip of the day!)
Easily one of the most jaw dropping finales to a Giallo I've seen.  Not family fare, but what a twist!

Carlo: Phew, can't believe we survived all that...all over a pregnancy...
Carlo:  So, I had this idea how we could still have lots of fun and not get stalked by a motorcycle helmeted horror!  What do you think of this idea...
Magda: Oh have been so wonderful to me...choking me when I speak out of turn, so of course it is OK-and if you say it is fine...well, that worked for the other girls.  Whats up?
Carlo: Well, I think that your going to like this, no chance of a blue light drenched back alley abortionist sending you on a path of rage to my front door!    I'm just kidding...take us to the credits Mr. Director...with a smile no less! 


davidfullam said...

Well it is Ms. Fenech. You could do her in any number of ways :)

W.B. Kelso said...

The greatest mystery of this movie? Just what in the hell is a corpsuckle?