Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cold Dead Hand...A Guy N. Smith Rarity blog!!

Guy N. Smith fans know Hal Astell as the man behind the mega-site SMITHLAND, and I'm thrilled to see that he is back and sharing the Smith goodness with the web!  I've read a lot of GNS, I've written a bunch as well-a lot of it is currently sitting on a hard drive waiting to be added to, compiled and all that jazz. But why wait for me?  Go through Smithland and enjoy tons of fantastic information and cover scans. 
But what does Hal have for you today?  How about some incredible material covering unwritten GNS books like Zombie Apache and...GASP!!...BAMBOO TRAITOR!  Wow! 

If you like GNS and you want to spend some time with the undone and intriguing, you must go to Hal's new blog, COLD DEAD HAND!  As a fan of the Great Scribbler, I just have to say thank you Hal-this is a very valuable (and fun!) resource. 

GO!  And may King Crab click at your heels and never know the taste of your entrail spaghetti!

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