Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Yor - The Hunter From The Future! A Poster Odyssey

Yep, I'm just a big old geek for Yor-Hunter From The Future. YOR WEEK has come and gone, but the other night I found myself unfolding some posters in my collection and pulled out the jumbo 4-sheet from France for the masterwork of cinema we know as Yor. I found myself walking around the room and snapping photos of favorite bits. So, I figure I'd share them. Just a bunch of details that catch my eye, this awesome art from Philippe Druillet is one of my favorite possessions, especially at the awe inspiring size of the edition I have.
Click the images for big versions...and yes, I am just this much a geek for YOR!

The Overlord needed that huge CYBER-ARM!!


The 'bots are Badass in Druillet Vision

The background city battle!!

Ka-Laa looks fantastic eh?


Now that is a badass Gauntlet/mini-shield!

And more awesome arm stuff and axes!
And I could not resist adding this Druillet piece for Star Wars....AWESOME and quite similar in the robo bad guy department!

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Vendaval Este said...

This REALLY makes me wish that's what the movie looked like, particularly if it was animated. Still, I must see Yor someday.