Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Paul Naschy and that Virginia License Plate

Now here is a great picture of Paul Naschy...for several reasons. If you look at the license plate you see it is American and it belonged to Fanzine publisher and all around EuroTrash Cinema expert Bob Sargent of Videooze infamy. Bob sent it to him as a gift many years ago, and it showed up HERE with an article on the passing of Paul Naschy.
This plate was actually in use, and when Bob had the chance to send it along to el Hombre Lobo as a birthday gift he used "a gallon of windex" to make it shine and be "fit for a king!"
Naschy was the King of Spanish Horror, and his fans really loved, and continue to love, the man behind the monsters. Amazing!!

Bob produced an amazing Videooze issue on Paul Naschy, we really should see if he has any left. Released in 1994, it contains a great interview and words from Naschy on his own films that will leave you smiling and laughing! Any fan's library is not complete without this magazine in my opinion.

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