Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Favorite European Trash Cinema Images - Orloff and the Invisible APE??

Many moons ago I put together a little free server site called SadoManiacs in an attempt to pay tribute to the French production house Eurocine.  They gave us some amazing Jess Franco productions, they have released movies of all kinds...but nothing can rival this Pierre Chevalier entry in to the saga of Doctor Orloff for sheer jaw dropping thrills.  Loaded with pubic hair that could scrub your kitchen floor clean, catacomb creeping and good old Howard Vernon as the Doc, you just can't deny that you won't see the "invisible man" being exposed for what he is as a "simple" plot twist!  A vision of true European Trash Cinema, I proudly share my big furry friend...
Damn, I love him.

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davidfullam said...

Hot naked Euro babes and the Phantom Gorilla, hell yeah!