Sunday, December 20, 2009

Favorite European Trash Cinema Images - The Loreley's Grasp

I love the films of Amando de Ossorio! His Blind Dead will certainly find their way in to my favorite images folders-but The Loreley's Grasp is a movie I go back to very often. Not his most explicit horror film, it takes a very interesting mixture of straight up "Girls School Bath Sharing and Monsters Trouble" exploitation and storybook fantasy with the Lorelei tale getting a monstrous twist.  I love the monster. I love the vibe. But most of all...and I have to admit this with a little shame, I get a hardy chuckle from Tony Kendall's character and his utterly bizarre pants.  And yes, the man made many cool films-and with his recent passing I couldn't help but immediately think of this film. The one movie that starred not only Kendall, but his twig and berries as co-stars thanks to some astonishingly uncomfortable "sexy" pants. 
I the image to enlarge / engorge and check it out.

That funny detail aside, the movie is a favorite and I've grabbed some other favorite shots-all of which could have top lined this post.  Enjoy!


Snipes said...

Helga Line as Lorelei makes this worth watching.

David A. Zuzelo said...

So true, and I love the film. I just thought of these pants first!

Mike H said...

Helga is definitely one of my favorite Euro images.